Featured Video: Mark Steyn on the Lindsay Shepherd case – 6 December 2017

Here is an excellent Mark Steyn video about the Lindsay Shepherd case. For those who are unaware of the Lindsay Shephard case, Lindsay Shepherd was a teaching assistant at Wilfred Laurier University who showed her class an excerpt from an Ontario public TV featuring Jordan Peterson and was hauled before a university tribunal for doing so. This is an important case about academic freedom on university campuses.  We have posted several videos of LIndsay Shepherd discussing her case on The Rubin Report and the Saad Truth. To see that post, click here.

Gad Saad – Political Correctness versus Absolute Free Speech

Our featured video for 29 September 2017 is a radio interview with Dr. Gad Saad, a professor at Concordia University in Montreal,  on the topic on Political Correctness versus Absolute Free Speech

For more videos, see our page on Gad Saad – The Saad Truth.

Here is the Gad Saad speech at the University of Regina referred to in the video above.