Featured Videos – Lindsay Shepherd On Her Interrogation By Wilfred Laurier University

Lindsay Shepherd is a graduate student working part time as a teaching assistant at Wilfred Laurier University. She recently showed her class an excerpt from a TV program featuring Jordan Peterson.

Wilfred Laurier University hauled Lindsay Shepherd before a three member tribunal – which included her academic supervisor, Dr. Herbert Pimlott and the university equity officer – and interrogated her because of an alleged complaint over her having shown her class a video of Jordan Perterson., whom the tribunal labelled as, among other things, a controversial “alt-right” figure.

SPPIT.org considers this an appalling assault by a university on academic freedom and freedom of speech. Here are some videos about this case:

Jordan Peterson discussing the Lindsay Shepherd case:

Lindsay Shepherd appearing on The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin:

Lindsay Shepherd with Gad Saad on The Saad Truth:

The next two videos are for context in this disgraceful behavior by Wilfred Laurier University.

First, here is the full audio recording of Lindsay Shepherd interrogation by Wilfred Laurier University:

Here is the complete episide on the October 2016 TV Ontario program, The Agenda, from which Lindsay Shepherd took the video excerpt of Jordan Peterson which started all this in the first place:


Here’s Mark Steyn on the Lindsay Shephard case:

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