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Jordan Peterson is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto who has become a leading figure in the fight to protect Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Speech on University and College Campuses from the attacks of Political Correctness.

Here are some videos and interviews with Jordan Peterson:

Interviewing two Wilfred Laurier University professors about the Lindsay Shepherd case and Freedom of Speech On University Campuses in general – December 2017

Speaking about an assault on Free Speech at Wilfred Laurier University, November 2017

Speaking to the U.B.C. Free Speech Club, Vancouver, B.C., 3 November 2017

The Mark Steyn Show, April 2017

Jordan Peterson on The Rubin Report discussing Freedom of Speech, Psychology and Gender Pronouns, May 2017

Discussing Freedom of Speech with Dave Rubin and Onkar Ghate, October 2017

Jordan Peterson interviewing Camile Paglia, September 2017

On the Joe Rogan Experience, May 2017

Interviewed by Rebel Media, February 2017

On the Joe Rogan Experience, November 2016

From The Rubin Report, November 2016


From The Saad Truth, hosted by Gad Saad, October 2016

Here’s an October 2016 report by Lauren Southern on Rebel Media about the Freedom of Speech rally at the University of Toronto which brought Jordan Peterson to the forefront of the Freedom of Speech debate.

Here’s a video of Jordan Peterson testifying before the Canadian Senate hearing on 17 May 2017 about Bill C-16

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