Freedom of Speech is under attack on many university and college campuses. In September 2017 a Brookings Institute survey  concluded that 51% of university students thought it is acceptable to shout down or create sufficient noise to drown out any speaker the student disagrees with and 19 % of students thought is was acceptable to use violence to shut down any speech they disagreed with.

Here are some recent articles on threats to Freedom of Speech on university and college campuses:


Here are some videos on Freedom of Speech on university and college campuses:

Jordan Peterson interviews two Wilfred Laurier University professors about the Lindsay Shepherd case – December 2017

Mark Steyn on the Lindsay Shepherd case at Wilfred Laurier University – December 2017

Does Free Speech Offend You – Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on PragerU, 2015

Greg Likianoff on Ridiculous Cases of Prohibited Speech On University Campuses, 2014

Robert Spencer on Islamophobia and Freedom of Speech on Campus, December 2017


Gad Saad on Political Correctness vs. Free Speech, September 2017

Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson and Onkar Ghate at Clemson University, October 2017

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report at Harvard with Bret Weinstein and Steve Simpson, September 2017

Ben Shapiro on Freedom of Speech On University Campuses – Daily Wire, 15 September 2017

Dr. Jordan Peterson discussing an incident at Wilfred Laurier University, November 2017

Censorship On Campus (Canada) – Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad and John Carpay, Manning Conference, March 2017 (Note: poor audio in places)

Let’s Talk About Free Speech On CampusDave Rubin, The Rubin Report, 2016

Gad Saad on How Political Correctness Limits the Free Exchange of Ideas on Campus, February 2016

Ben Shapiro discussing Free Speech, College Campuses and the Regressive Left, on the Rubin Report, February 2016

Gad Saad discussing Free Speech, Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces on Campus with Dave Rubin on the Rubin Report, February 2016

Peter Boghossian discusses Trigger Warning: Your Ideas Don’t Have Rights, on the Rubin Report, December 2015

But, hopefully, things may be changing. Jonathan Haidt, December 2017

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