SPPIT considers Freedom of Speech to be one of today’s primary issues. Without the freedom to express ideas or opinions all other freedoms will disappear.

Freedom of Speech is also under attack on university and college campuses.

Here are some selected videos on Freedom of Speech.

Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin and Onkar Ghate, October 2017

Douglas Murray at a Swedish Freedom of Speech conference, 28 October 2017:

Robert Spencer on threats to Freedom of Speech, 29 August 2017:

Robert Spencer on Freedom of Speech, August 2017

Mark Steyn Show, April 2017, with Jordan Peterson

A Dutch law professor, defending Geert Wilders before a Dutch court, 2017.

Robert Spencer speaking on Freedom of Speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center,  November 2016

Does Free Speech Offend You, a video from PragerU, August 2015

Human Rights lawyer Deborah Weiss on “The Importance of Free Speech: Motion 103 and Islamophobia, September 2017


Here are some recent articles on Freedom of Speech:

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