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Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services.

He is also the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College, where he teaches each fall semester courses in military history and classical culture.

His website is Victor Davis Hanson Personal Papers. Here is a link to his recent articles.

Here are some websites with more information about Victor Davis Hanson:

Here are some selected recent articles by Victor Davis Hanson:

Here are some selected videos of Victor Davis Hanson:

The Second World Wars – Stanford University, November 2017

Second World Wars – Centre for Strategic & International Studies – November 2017

The Second World Wars – Hoover Institution

Part 2

How A Border War In Europe Led To WWII –  Hillsdale College, September 2017. Dr. Hanson comes onstage at 9:13

Two_States of California – American Freedom Alliance, August 2017

Taking Stock of Trumpism: Where It Came From, What It Has Accomplished and Where It Is Going – Hillsdale College, May 2017. Dr. Hanson comes onstage at 3:44

Reflections On The GOP Presidential Debates and the Prospects For The 2016 Election – Hillsdale College, September 2015. Dr. Hanson comes onstage at 3:01

World War 1 And Its Lessons For Today –  Heritage Foundation, June 2014. Dr. Hanson comes onstage at 9:06

Speaking on How Universities Changed From the 1960’s On.... –  2014

Speaking to the American Freedom Alliance on “Failing Grades: The Crisis in Teaching on Our University Campuses” – September 2014

The New Old World Order –  Hoover Institution, October 2010

War And Democracy In Ancient and Contemporary Middle East – University of California Television, January 2008. Dr. Hanson comes onstage at 5:17

This is a 2003 video of Dr. Hanson discussing his book Mexifornia: A State Of Becoming


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