Raymond Ibrahim writes extensively on Persecution of Christians by Muslims. His website is RaymondIbrahim.com.

Here are some sample articles by Raymond Ibrahim:

Here is a link to an archive of Raymond Ibrahim articles on the Gatestone Institute website.

Here are some videos of Raymond Ibrahim interviews and discussions:

On 14 Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, Christian Rights and Freedom Institute, March 2018

On “The History of Dhimmitude“, Trinity Channel, October 2017

The History of Dhimmitude from Tony Gurule on Vimeo.

A podcast on Hank Unplaugged with Hank Hanegraff, Parts 1 and 2, September 2017

A podcast on Hank Unplugged with Hank Hanegraaff, October 2017

On the Glazov Gang, discussing Pope Francis, 2016

Raymond Ibrahim with Robert Spencer and Bruce Thornton at a David Horowitz Freedom Center event, 2015

Raymond Ibrahim on the Glazov Gang discussing Islamic Hate For The Christian Cross:

Raymond Inbrahim on the Glazov Gang debating Isa Hodge and Anjem Choudary, 2015

Raymond Ibrahim on the Glazov Gang, discussing ISIS Islamic Inspirations, 2014

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